Looking for a new shirt? You've come to the right site. This crap is so last year. DefectiveWear features designs and illustrations from an array of artists.

Midwest Jeff Smolinski NOW! $27.80

Shame of a Nation Kyle Miller NOW! $27.80

...Beachball Jeff Smolinski NOW! $27.80

HiFi Tone Branson NOW! $27.80

Helmet Head Jeff Smolinski NOW! $27.80

In Da House Jacob Snyder NOW! $27.80

Galactic Master Jason Hill NOW! $27.80

Prehistoric Rodeo Kyle Miller NOW! $27.80

Ghost Jeff Smolinski NOW! $27.80

Gin & Tonics Miller / Snell NOW! $27.80

Hero Potential Jeff Smolinski NOW! $27.80

Angry Chimp John Davis III NOW! $27.80

Spread Eagle John Davis III NOW! $27.80

Chuck, Norris? Kyle Miller NOW! $27.80

The Silver Dollar John Davis III NOW! $27.80

Polygon Jeff Smolinski NOW! $27.80

Oh Hi Oh Jason Hill NOW! $27.80

Handle With Care Kevin Davis NOW! $27.80

I like Balloons! Jeff Smolinski NOW! $27.80

ED 209 Mark Smolinski NOW! $27.80


There WILL be imperfections in the shirts we create as proof of the hand-made, unprofessional quality of the hardly-working people at DefectiveWear headquarters.

If you have a problem with your shirt we can work together to further your satisfaction. If you expect to have a problem it is best advised that you buy your shirts from your nearest super store.

All shirts are screened on American Apparel style shirts. Sizes tend to run small.

Products can be expected to be shipped in 2 - 6 weeks. Ha! (no joke)


If you hear from us more than once a year
you will be lucky.